Holiday Trends
  • Nov
  • 17
  • 2017

Holiday Trends

  • By RAMP Training team

Looking ahead, and planning for, inevitable seasonal changes within the restaurant, foodservice, and alcohol service industries are paramount in ensuring a smooth season. When the holidays roll around in November and December, people generally spend more time at home with their families. To prepare for the season, restaurants and foodservice establishments should plan seasonal menus to entice people to make the trip, while paying special attention to scheduling, budgets, and certification training for this typically slow part of the year.

The foremost exception to this downward trend is holiday parties. Restaurants may see larger parties dining in for events, or receive more catering orders instead of foot traffic. A great way to maximize catering business and accommodate larger groups is to offer specials and incentives, and introduce new menu items including seasonal flavors such as nutmeg, gingerbread, and peppermint. Consumption of alcohol increases during the holiday season, so it is wise to make good use of downtime by assuring all required employees are up-to-date on their RAMP Server/Seller training certifications. An under qualified or non-certified staff will make more mistakes, become overwhelmed with large orders or requests, and respond slower to customers, all of which can hurt business in the long run.

The recent changes to the Pennsylvania Liquor Laws have allowed certain establishments that sell alcohol to remain open during regular business hours on holidays. This means that patrons no longer have to plan ahead of time in order to imbibe in their favorite spirits. However, for liquor and beer stores, grocery stores, and gas stations, this means that planning ahead for holiday traffic and RAMP certification compliance will be incredibly important to increase risk management, for the sake of both the establishment and the consumer. The terms "Black Out Wednesday" and "Drinksgiving" have gained traction over the last few years, which implies a huge spike in alcohol sales within a day or two of holidays. Up-to-date manager and employee certifications will educate the representatives of your establishment on the best practices for serving alcohol responsibly.

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Written by the RAMP Training team