RAMP Compliance Made Easy
  • Oct
  • 23
  • 2017

RAMP Compliance Made Easy

  • By RAMP Training team

In the year 2000, the Pennsylvania Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) was established, originally beginning with voluntary training for employees and business owners to understand and practice steadfast alcohol handling practices. Last year, the Liquor Code was updated with Act 39 to make RAMP Server/Seller training mandatory within six months of hire for any 'alcohol service personnel', unless having previously completed RAMP training.

'Alcohol service personnel' is defined as any employee of a licensee such as a bartender, waiter or, in the case of a distributor or importing distributor, a salesperson whose primary responsibility includes the resale, furnishing or serving of liquor or malt or brewed beverages. It shall also mean any employe, such as a door person, whose primary responsibility is to ascertain the age of individuals who are attempting to enter the licensed premises.1 So, if you sell or serve alcohol, you need to complete RAMP training.

Risk management can be a tough nut to crack in the liquor industry, but with the new RAMP law, owners have a direct journey to a convenient and compliant business model. The online Server/Seller training on https://www.ramptraining.com, the most widely used PLCB-approved RAMP training in PA, educates individual employees on the safest and smartest ways to responsibly distribute alcohol to consumers who are of legal age. This is the mandatory training required of all employees who directly or indirectly deal with alcohol service. The PLCB also offers full RAMP certification for licensees, which can decrease the overall liability of a business. Read more about the five steps to becoming RAMP certified here - http://www.lcb.pa.gov/Education/RAMP/Pages/RAMP-Certification.aspx.

For any business owner, this can seem like a daunting task. The Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement has already begun to request employee lists in order to confirm RAMP compliance. However, with our convenient and worry-free system, managers and business owners can track the progress of their employees after buying RAMP training vouchers in bulk. Please visit the link above for more information, or contact info@ramptraining.com with any questions.

Written by the RAMP Training team

1 Act 141, 2000, PA Liquor Code - Omnibus Amendments