Best Restaurants for Winter 2018 in Philly
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Best Restaurants for Winter 2018 in Philly

  • By RAMP Training team

Arriving and evolving in the era of social media and a nonstop circuit of culinary conferences and festivals, Philadelphia restaurants should always be looking for new ways to better their reputation. Michelin's famous definition of a three-star restaurant is "worth a special journey", so it makes sense to embrace practices that will lure this generation of eaters for whom dining experiences have become the primary reason to travel. The effects of being featured on a 'Best Restaurants' list can be transformative for a business, and once a restaurant is featured on a list, it usually remains there as long as the standards and practices remain above remand. In a self-perpetuating cycle, the ranking leads to more articles, which brings in more customers, who post positive reviews and featured pictures on social media, which leads to more votes. is so excited for many of our clients who have been featured on Philadelphia Magazine's 50 Best Restaurants for Winter 2018 list. Without a doubt, these places are all the products of great talent and effort; they use fresh, exciting ingredients and demonstrate a high degree of pride, both in their food and their establishment. Training plays a major role in the adequacy of any restaurant when it comes to providing an enjoyable, and safe, experience for your customers. Our RAMP training course is comprehensive and quick, adding to your ability to manage risk and compliance for every one of your employees.

Here are some tips for training your employees to provide the best experience possible to your customers:

  1. Wine Tastings

    Holding regular tastings with your staff is a great way to increase their wine knowledge while allowing them to taste what's actually on your menu. Make sure you cover the profile of the wine as well as what it pairs with on your menu.

  2. Food and Wine Pairings

    One of the most important skills your servers need to be armed with is pairing wine or other drinks with dishes on your menu. It will lead to a more enjoyable experience if your staff can recommend the perfect drink for a customer.

  3. Study Tasting Notes

    Having descriptions or tasting notes available for wines, beers and spirits on your menu can make it easy for staff (or customers) to learn more and choose the perfect drink for the occasion. If not on the menu, make them available for staff to read on their down time.

  4. Review New Menu Items

    At many restaurants, new beverage items are rotated on the menu frequently, whether new beer drafts, changing wine vintages or seasonal cocktails. Make sure your staff is not only aware of the changes, but knowledgeable on the new selections. Cover new menu items consistently in pre-shift meetings and reiterate at your regular staff meetings, whether they're held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  5. Quiz Your Staff

    Training has to be consistent, your staff has to understand the menu and be ready to answer any questions. Do some role playing and be sure to quiz your wait staff on your menu, food pairings, general knowledge and service standards. Practicing and reviewing the material is key.

  6. Make sure all employees have completed RAMP training!

Written by the RAMP Training team