Upcoming Events in PA and How to Keep Your Customers and Staff Safe
  • Feb
  • 16
  • 2018

Upcoming Events in PA and How to Keep Your Customers and Staff Safe

  • By RAMP Training team

The Spring season is coming, and with it comes an abundance of large-scale events centered around alcohol. The month of March brings the Philadelphia Craft Beer Festival, the Stars of Craft Beer Festival, and St. Patrick's Day, in which multiple events will take place on one day. These festivals and events can bring a significant boost in revenue for restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and even grocery stores, but can also cause some serious risks for establishments that sell or serve alcohol.

The responsible management of alcohol means providing a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons, as well as staff, and serving alcohol responsibly so that patrons do not become intoxicated. Here are some tips for managing risk during the hectic festival season:

  1. Assign event roles - if your establishment has the staff, or the budget to hire additional staff, for large events, make sure everyone knows their role, and how to perform their duties, before the event. Security providers and event managers are key to the success of an event, even if your establishment is not hosting the event. Say your bar is in close proximity to the Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day parade, but is not actually associated with the event. It would still be wise to station various security personnel throughout your property, and have event managers constantly check in with bartenders, servers, and security to ensure that any potential risk is taken care of quickly and efficiently.
  2. Avoid over serving - a huge part of the RAMPtraining.com course is education for staff who serve alcohol to spot the signs of an intoxicated person in order to avoid over serving that individual. A refresher course on the signs of intoxication, and how to deal with them, would be wise to provide to staff before an event. Check out the Special Event Planning Handbook, published by the PLCB, for educational information on Preventing Intoxication, Slowing Down Service, and Stopping the Service of Alcohol.
  3. Encourage patrons to get home safe - the experience of attending one of these festivals is unmatchable, providing fun and enjoyment for thousands of people. But, that positive experience can quickly turn sour if one of your patrons gets behind the wheel while intoxicated. The SaferRide App, available for free download on Android and Apple devices, is a great option to facilitate a safe ride home after a patron has been drinking. Print out SaferRide posters for your establishment from the PLCB website here. Another way to encourage safe driving is to register your bar or tavern with the HERO Bar & Tavern Program, partners with bar and tavern owners to promote the use of safe and sober designated drivers in your area.

Despite the best measures, people can still become intoxicated and need help. For many large events, especially high-risk events, event organizers often set up a Safe Zone staffed by ambulance officers and other medical professionals. If your establishment is near a large event, contact the organizers for information regarding protocol for intoxicated persons. If your establishment is not near an event, but is expecting a large crowd for St. Patrick's Day, set up water stations, offer non-alcoholic drinks at discounted prices, and consider inviting a food truck to camp out near your bar. There are countless ways to get ahead with risk management, and the number one thing you can do for your establishment is start planning now. Happy Festivaling!

Written by the RAMP Training team

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