How to Market Your Business on Facebook & Still Comply with the PLCB
  • Mar
  • 21
  • 2018

How to Market Your Business on Facebook & Still Comply with the PLCB

  • By RAMP Training team

Target Potential Customers With Ads Showcasing Your Restaurant or Bar

Facebook allows you to get INSANELY specific with who you are targeting. For example, you can target people who live in your area, who love eating out or are interested in alcoholic beverages between the ages of 21-40 and show them someone kicking back with a beer at your establishment. Remember, Facebook does not allow marketing that includes images or references to alcohol to be shown to anyone under 21. If you host a lot of events, post about those and target those who are most likely to attend those types of events (according to Facebook interests). It is SO easy and SUPER effective.

Check out this step by step tutorial for more on FB ads.

Run a Simple Contest to Get People Talking

Ask people who have been to your establishment before to share pictures and memories of their outings. The best one wins a free meal or drink. The PLCB will only step in here if you offer a coupon for something that can be consumed off-premise, like a bottle of wine, so keep it simple, and make the prize something that must be consumed in your establishment. You can always choose a slower part of the season for the giveaway but the point is to get past customers to relive the fun they had at your bar or restaurant. These photos will also be great for other FB posts and your website. To make sure it gets in front of the right people, you can always run an ad to those who have liked your page to make sure they see what you are asking for.

Ask for Likes and Reviews on Facebook

Did you know you can run ads to friends of people who like your page? It will show up as “Name of Friend likes this page”, and thusly, people will pay more attention. Also, reviews are everything. So if you can get people to review your business on any social account, you should.

Make sure you add a Call to Action Button

You can choose from seven pre-made button options ("Sign Up," "Shop Now," "Contact Us," "Book Now," "Use App," Watch Video," and "Play Game") and link it to any website that aligns with your business' goals - getting more traffic. It could link to your homepage, a contact form, or phone number.

You can learn how to add a CTA button to your business' Facebook Page here.

We hope these tips help your establishment become even more successful than it already is. is all about education, for individuals, establishments, and the general growth of the Pennsylvania restaurant and bar industries.

Written by the RAMP Training team

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