Why You Should Care about Quality RAMP Training for your Team

You own or operate an alcohol establishment in Pennsylvania. You know about RAMP training. So, what’s the big deal? Get it done, maintain compliance, and get on with it, right? Well, not exactly. You also know what it means to abide by the rules set forth in the Pennsylvania Liquor Code, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (PLCB’s) regulations, and you might have even had a run-in with the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (BLCE). How does navigating this complex landscape tie back to training? There are big differences in the quality of training (and the results!) offered by different providers - training that stands between your business operating profitably, in compliance with the law, and infractions that chip away at your bottom line and may even cost you your license. Training is where your choices can make or break your business.

What does Quality RAMP Training Look Like?
1. Easy to Use - You should be looking for 3 main factors in how training is delivered. Mobility - can employees take their training on their phone, on break? Accessibility - can employees and managers access certificates when needed? Functionality - folks should always be able to log in and never have to contact support. These are key indicators of a quality training program. If these aren’t top notch, you’re losing money and valuable employee time.
2. Regulatory & Compliance Expertise - Make sure your training provider is an EXPERT on RAMP Rules and the PLCB. Regulations can change so fast you can comply one day, and the next day literally be breaking the law. A great provider will let you know ahead of time (and any other time you need) if there have been any changes you need to know about - in any area of your business.
3. Recordkeeping and Reporting - Your training provider needs to have the ability to give you instant, on-demand access to who’s trained, who’s going to need to renew soon, and who’s training has expired, with reports that also show region and store locations. Anything less doesn’t give you the full picture. Read our blog “PLCB Recordkeeping Rules & Best Practices” for more on this.
4. Accurate Final Exams - Managers need to be able to SEE how well their employees are trained. What are your employee passing rates? Passing rates (and number of attempts) on final exams are a great indicator on how qualified your employees are to work, and/or if they need a little extra training.
5. Certificate Accessibility - When the health department or BLCE come calling, or worse - you have to appear before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), you'll need to be able to provide hard proof of employees’ training. If the filing cabinet in the back office is getting full, or frantically scrolling through your inbox for e-mailed copies of documents is getting old, you and your managers want to have easy access to your employees’ records. Those records should be sortable and viewable for any employee at any location, at your convenience.
6. Total Cost of Training - This is about your bottom line. When you factor in employee training time, managerial scheduling duties, testing and travel - your method of training could be costing more than you realize. All that time costs money! Make sure you have a provider who can deliver compliant training to your team in the most cost-effective way. Check out “Total Cost of Training & Purchasing Power - Consolidating Your RAMP Training Decisions” for a breakdown of time and cost - and how you could be saving money and getting better training, too.

What are the Benefits of Quality RAMP Training?
1. Risk Management - Training is a powerful tool in your risk management toolkit. The PLCB itself said “From a risk management perspective, your first line of defense should be RAMP training for ALL employees”. Training protects you, your staff, and the public.
2. Regulatory Compliance - You know by now if your establishment isn’t compliant, you’ll eventually be out of business, and you might (but hopefully won’t) pick up some hefty fines and even charges along the way. A great training provider will be ahead of the game in staying in line with the PLCB and informing you of anything - big or small - that might impact your compliance. Kind of like a protective watchdog who can also read legal stuff and talk to regulators.
3. Decreased Liability - In the event of an incident or infraction, if you can prove your employees are trained, your business (and individual employees) can be protected under the law in a big way. It can help reduce insurance premiums as well. Read “Selling to Minors in Pennsylvania - PLCB Guidelines and Consequences” and “Dram Shop Laws and Liability in Pennsylvania” for more on liability and how you can reduce it.
4. Decreased Employee Turnover - When employees are untrained, they often feel undervalued and unimportant. In an article by Fast Company on millennials in the workplace - only 28% feel that their company is taking full advantage of their skills. Quality training helps identify, measure, and plan for each employee’s skill set, improving their work experience and productivity. It costs money to replace staff. Keep your team in place and your costs down by both protecting employees and helping them grow.
5. Increased Employee Satisfaction - In a recent Gallup poll, although employee engagement seems to be rising, the amount of “not engaged” workers is at a staggering 53%. That means they’ll show up and do what they have to do, but if something better comes along, they’re outta there. Increasing employee engagement has been getting more attention lately, as values shift from older to younger generations. Maybe it’s not just money that motivates us.
6. Profits - When you have a happy, well-trained team, they’re going to work harder for you.You need to have their back, so they’ll have yours. Invest in your staff and they’ll make you money. Pretty simple.

OK, we can admit - training can feel like just another tiresome box to check on your compliance checklist. But you can change that. When you have a quality training program, all the services a top-notch provider should be giving you can transform your business and make it a legally compliant, safe, and happy place to make money. When your employees are happy, guests are happy. When guests are happy, you’re making money. It’s a win-win.

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