Top Ten Reasons You Need a New RAMP Training Provider

When you own or operate an alcohol establishment in Pennsylvania, you know it can be a really rewarding venture, but risky, too. You know the Liquor Code, you know the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) policies and procedures (enough of them to stay in business anyways), and you know the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (BLCE) is out there enforcing the rules. Hopefully you haven’t had to learn the hard way that you need to follow those rules - for all the right reasons: the safety of your establishment, your staff, and your customers, as well as the public safety. So, you probably also know that training is a critical element to operating safely, staying compliant and legal, and most importantly - staying open for business! But you still might have questions, like how important is training, really? How can a training provider improve my business? What can a different training provider really do? Why does it even matter so much? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Training Provider

1. You’re uncertain of PLCB’s RAMP training requirements and how they apply to your operations.
An EXPERT training provider will cut through all the regulatory jargon - let’s face it, it can be confusing at times - and make sure you’re 100% compliant. Check out “The RAMP Rules - Let’s Clear Some Things Up”. If your current provider is leaving you with ANY room for doubt, they’re not worth your hard earned dollars.

2. You think (or know) you’re currently out of compliance with RAMP.
Hey, you’re not alone. In 2016 there were changes to the RAMP Regulations. How far out of compliance are you? What do you need to do now? Read our blog “PLCB Compliance Means Risk Management for your Business” Choose a provider who can keep you on track, so you don’t have to juggle it all.

3. One or more of your employees were recently caught furnishing alcohol to a minor.
This could be serious, so you have to act quickly. Training your people NOW is necessary damage control. Choose a provider who makes training fast, convenient and compliant. Check out our blog “Selling to Minors in Pennsylvania - PLCB Guidelines and Consequences” for more on what can happen in this scenario - and how to prevent it.

4. You believe the BLCE is planning an undercover compliance check.
An undercover compliance sting is the worst way to find out your staff isn’t trained. Choose a provider who will warn you when it’s time for employees to renew their training. Read our blog “Undercover Compliance Checks - PLCB Rules and BLCE Enforcement Tactics” to find out how to prevent getting busted and what happens if you do.

5. Your insurance provider is offering a premium discount on your Dram Shop Insurance if your entire staff is trained.
The PLCB said it themselves: “From a risk management perspective, your first line of defense should be RAMP training for ALL employees”. So, can you lower your insurance costs, reduce risk AND ensure compliance? Of course. A quality training provider’s mission is to help you do all of the above. Read “Dram Shop Laws and Liability in Pennsylvania

6. You want your establishment(s) to become RAMP Certified.
This is a great way to protect and strengthen your business. Read our blog “The Benefits of RAMP Certification” for a run-down on all the ways becoming certified can help improve compliance, protect your staff, reduce liability, and potentially grow your bottom line.

7. You performed a self-audit and determined some of your employees are NOT trained, and you’re not totally sure who really needs to be.
The PLCB mandates RAMP Server/Seller training for all “alcohol personnel”. But who is that? And for which types of establishments? There are a lot of different rules for different types of licensee operations, so if you’re unsure - you’re not alone. Read our blog “Is RAMP Server/Seller Training Required - And Who Is It For?” Get a training provider that helps you audit your employees regularly, so you can check that off your list.

8. You want to switch to a provider with online training, tracking and reporting to make managing compliance and risk easier.
The days of clipboards and filing cabinets are over (or should be, at least). Get out in front of the competition by switching to a 21st century training provider who can serve up everything you need for compliance, on-demand. Check out “Is Online or Classroom Training Better for your RAMP Server/Sellers?” There’s no time like the present to get on board with the future.

9. Your current training course(s) are not mobile-compatible, and all your employees want to train on their phones or tablets.
We’re all mobile these days, and chances are good that many of your employees have grown up with a smart phone in their hands. Mobile-compatible training makes things a lot easier on you and your staff. Employees can train on their phones during break, and managers can audit from their tablets.

10. You need to lower your Total Cost of Training (TCT).
What’s more valuable than money? Time. Check out “Total Cost of Training & Purchasing Power - Consolidating Your RAMP Training Decisions” for more information on this valuable topic. Lower your TCT by switching to a provider who doesn’t waste your precious time and money, and actually - helps you save!

If even one of the scenarios above is familiar to you, it’s time to think about choosing a new training provider. Do you find yourself worrying about where you stand with risk management and compliance, with staff and guest safety, or your license record and standing with the PLCB? Partnering with an expert in RAMP training regulations, alcohol compliance, risk management, and technology will take a load off your shoulders and let you focus on your bottom line. Sounds like a win-win scenario!

If you have any questions at all concerning RAMP Certification or RAMP Server/Seller Training, we’re here to make your life (and your business) worry-free. We’re currently offering a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation with our Compliance Expert, in which you can talk about anything and everything RAMP-related and get solid business advice. No Strings Attached. You can grab this opportunity just by clicking here and reserving a calendar spot, or fill out the form below to have us call you directly. Either way is fine - and it’s up to you! is the largest and most widely used online RAMP Server/Seller training provider in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with over 75,000 people trained. Our team collectively has over 25 years of regulatory compliance training experience and 95% of our users pass the RAMP course on the first attempt. We’re experts in the industry and we’re here to help you and your business succeed.

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